Denys Candy

Consulting Services

Restoring Beloved Places – Neighborhoods, Towns, Cities, Regions.

Collectively re-experience, re-imagine and re-create a beloved place.

Skills: Facilitating diverse stakeholders; building consensus; crafting road maps with milestones and success measures; linking vision, strategy and action; implementing demonstration projects; mobilizing human and financial capital.

Outcomes: Consensus-based community plans; successfully completed events and projects; commonly held vision and goals; shared joyful experiences.

Transforming Organizations

Think strategically to generate innovative approaches and effective actions.

Skills: Customized high engagement planning, facilitation and training for Boards, executive teams and managers.

Outcomes: Clear and concise team and organizational plans; organization-wide linkage between strategy and day-to-day action; better team communication; reduced reliance on “silos;” enhanced innovative thinking; calmer, happier, creative people.

Building partnerships; re-positioning nonprofits

Generate collective action for collective impact.

Skills: Facilitating and strategically guiding groundbreaking partnerships and collaborations.

Outcomes: Familiar challenges are overcome by harmonizing differing perspectives and approaches and moving beyond protecting turf and budgets; more collaborative systems deliver enhanced client and customer outcomes.

Nonprofit turn-around:

Skills: As Interim CEO, I work with your Board to turn around nonprofit organizations with budgets of up to $3,000.000

Outcome: Re-energized nonprofits re-positioned for successful futures.